Our Brand

Our Brand

The Swazi Secrets philosophy is Pure, Simple, Natural. The secret of the product is in its natural ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. We currently produce our own marula, ximenia and trichilia oil and buy mongongo oil and shea butter from partner organisations with a similar approach and philosophy to ours.

Our philosophy in regards to our brand is the sameā€¦ pure, simple, natural. The brand must evoke the sense of the natural and spectacularly simple beauty of the African savannah. It is important to maintain consistency of the brand for our brand to have an identity. As in the savannah, the look of the landscape may change with the season but the view of the landscape stays the same and is recognisable. In this way, our colour usage may change but our brand stays consistent and recognisable.

Our aim is to create a lasting impression with the Swazi Secrets brand, and this is done through our consistent use of the logo, font, colours and corporate items. It is important that our brand is different, unique and identifiable when displayed in conjunction with other brands.

A brand likes ours, is alive - it grows and develops with time, our brand will develop with our products and the winds of change but will forever be recognised as Swazi Secrets.

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Khelina's story
Khelina Hluphikile Magagula is one of 2,600 rural Swazi women who are improving their lives through income from cracking marula nuts. Read her story here.

Union of Ethical Biotrade (UEBT)
SIP is a Trading Member of the Union of Ethical Biotrade (UEBT), a nonprofit association that promotes the 'Sourcing with Respect' of ingredients that come from native biodiversity

Phytotrade Africa
We are proud members of Phytotrade Africa, the Southern African Natural Products Trade Association