Marula and Other African Oils

Marula and Other African Oils

 Swazi Secrets strive to make sustainable use of natural resources in a way that benefits both the users of the finished product and the communities where the plants grow. We have so far developed products based on three oils derived from indigenous trees which

  • have scientifically proven properties for skin and/or hair care;
  • grow naturally in sufficient quantity and stability to permit sustainable harvesting;
  • the rural communities have a right to harvest;
  • whose value for skin-care products is high enough to yield a fair price for harvesters and primary producers; and
  • pose no risk of toxicity.

Marula Oil

Marula oil is pressed from the seeds of the marula tree (Sclerocarya birrea) which grows wild and occurs in large numbers in many dry, low-lying areas of Southern Africa.

Its key properties are

  • moisturising the skin
  • anti-oxidant action (free-radical scavenging)
  • absorbed quickly by the skin
  • high natural stability
  • edible (and highly nutritious)

For more details on marula – including traditional uses, skin care properties, fatty acid profile - please click on the link below.

Ximenia Oil

Ximenia oil is pressed from the seeds of Ximenia caffra and Ximenia americana that are wide spread across Southern Africa. Like most indigenous trees, it has many traditional uses, which are only recently being discovered for cosmetic purposes:

  • moisturising the skin, soothing dry skin
  • improving the function of sebaceous glands (which secrete the sebum that lubricates skin and hair)

Please click on the Ximenia link on the right to read more interesting facts about Ximenia.


Trichilia Oil – also known as Mafura Butter

The seeds of Trichilia emetica, also known as Natal Mahogany, yield oil that is solid at room temperature, hence it’s common name of Mafura Butter.

  • rich in essential fatty acids
  • nourishes and revitalises skin and hair

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