About Us

Swazi Secrets philosophy is Pure, Simple, Natural

Swazi Secrets is a women empowerment driven initiative where rural Swazi and South African women generate income by cracking Ximenia and Marula nut contained within them.

Our Brand is part of a Swaziland/South African based social enterprise dedicated to income generation and community development in marginalised communities. We have made the economic empowerment of women a priority within our organisation. This program provides women with access to business skills, effective time and financial management and sustainable farming, not only does it benefits the community, but it also ethical and sustainable.

We pride ourselves in providing the best Natural quality essential oil products in Africa and Internationally , and what set us apart is our Consistent high quality through good manufacturing practices, cold press method that remains our pride as many have tried and we are still leading with the best skills of our expert that are passionate and invest time researching to always be ahead for the luxury and love of your skin.

Under the Swazi Secrets brand we have natural multifunctional products which are essential oils derived from indigenous trees; Ximenia oil, Trichilia oil and Marula oil are our miracle workers for your skin and hair.


The necessity for women and men to take good care of their skin appearance to radiate beauty and glamour is becoming more and more relevant. Let’s be your solution to the now lifestyle spending too much time in the sun , Most people tend to sleep less, have no time to pamper yourself that leaves your skin dry, exhausted or exposed to the sun.  Our essential 100% pure oils will defer skin ageing and provide the needed moisture and soothing, they are quickly absorbed into the skin. Swazi secrets is the answer to your beautiful, luxurious glowing skin why not give it a try and thank us later.