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Quality, Standards, Organic & Certification

Our mission reads ¡®¡­¡­in line with the highest standards of Fair Trade and Environmental Sustainability¡¯. Having set ourselves that challenge, we constantly strive to meet it through a combination of strict internal procedures and external verification.

Organic certification

Part of our marula oil production has been certified organic by Ecocert since 2007. Working with wild harvested kernels from 2,600 rural women, we encourage them to undertake the training and follow the procedures necessary to ensure that their kernels are certified organic. Part of that incentive is the payment of a 12% premium on the price of certified organic kernels. The percentage of certified organic suppliers increases each year.

Fair Trade certification

Swazi Indigenous Products is a full member of WFTO C the World Fair Trade Organisation. We are also members of SWIFT C Swaziland Fair Trade Network and COFTA C Co-operation for Fair Trade in Africa.

Membership of WFTO covers Swazi Indigenous Products as a whole. SIP is planning to seek Fair Trade and Natural Cosmetics certification during 2011 to enable certification of Swazi Secrets products.

EU Cosmetics Directive compliance

Products in the Swazi Secrets export range have all undergone safety assessment within the EU as part of the requirements of meeting the EU Cosmetics directive. Accordingly all these products have a PI (Product Information) dossier available for inspection by the relevant European authorities.

Union of Ethical Biotrade

SIP is a Trading Member of the Union of Ethical Biotrade (UEBT).

Internal Quality Procedures

Producing hand made, natural products while maintaining consistently high standards of hygiene and safety inevitably presents a number of challenges.

In order to meet these, all suppliers receive initial training in SIP quality control standards and all kernels are inspected at purchase. Kernels are graded at purchase and only those that fully comply (Grade A) receive full payment. Kernels that are slightly sub standard are bought at a lower price (Grade B) and used only in the manufacture of soap. The chief purpose of the grading scheme is to ensure that suppliers consistently produce Grade A and over 98% of kernels supplied, make that grade.

We make a buying trip to each community each month and press kernels within 10 days of purchase to ensure the freshness of kernels, which in turn helps to ensure that we always produce high quality oil.

All oil produced is tested in SIP¡¯s in house laboratory from Acid Value (AV) C a test for rancidity which essentially measures the quality and freshness of the oil. Only marula oil with an AV below 4.0 is bottled for Swazi Secrets.

Periodic checks are made with external laboratories to ensure the continued absence of any trace of salmonella, e-coli, yeasts, moulds and pesticides.

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Union of Ethical Biotrade (UEBT)
SIP is a Trading Member of the Union of Ethical Biotrade (UEBT), a nonprofit association that promotes the 'Sourcing with Respect' of ingredients that come from native biodiversity.

Ecocert - Afrisco
Our organic certifying body

World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO)
SIP is a full member of WFTO

Phytotrade Africa
We are proud members of Phytotrade Africa, the Southern African Natural Products Trade Association

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