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Meet the Team

We are fortunate and proud to have some very talented individuals producing and marketing Swazi Secrets :C but we have more than that :C we have a great team.
Chris Dlamini - Executive Director

After four years in charge of SIP's Production, Chris took over as Executive Director at the start of 2011. After graduating in Chemistry and Mathematics, Chris gained many years senior management experience with Swaziland Beverages. He is now in the final stages of part time studies for an MBA with ESAMI.

Chris Dlamini
Sindile Mamba - Member Services Manager

Sindile began with SIP making soap when we started back in 2005, before progressing to the role of Procurement Officer. Since then, she has steadily taken on more responsibility and now heads up all liaison with our supplier communities. This includes facilitating 33 self help groups, ensuring compliance with organic certification and establishing Member Groups. She is also the model on our publicity materials.

Sindile Mamba
Zanele Nsibande - Commercial Manager

Zanele joined SIP as Finance & Administration Officer in 2007 and has progressively moved over into more sales and marketing duties. She is now responsible for Swazi sales, while training to take on overall responsibility for Sales & Marketing in the future. It is an unusual switch but Zanele's warm, engaging manner makes her well suited to the new role.

Zanele Nsibande
Bongani Hadzebe - Production Superintendent

Bongani Hadzebe knows about natural oil pressing from A to Z, having started with SIP as an oil presser when the factory opened in 2005. Now Production Superintendent, he is day to day responsible for all production matters.

Bongani Hadzebe
Khulile Dlamini - Finance & Administration Officer

Khulile joined SIP in May 2008 to strengthen Administration and Finance - and immediately brought a new dimension to the team with a cool, sharp mind and a warm heart. Equipped with a Diploma in Business Management and Administration, she has now taken over full responsibility for Finance and Administration.

Khulile Dlamini
John Pearce - Resident Consultant

Having started SIP in 2004 and been its Executive Director, John stepped down in January 2011 as part of a planned handover to local management. However, John is staying on with specific responsibility for international marketing and donor relations, as well as supporting the Management Team in their new responsibilities.

John Pearce
Stefanie Pearce - Project Manager - Innovations

Stefanie works part time as our Project Manager - Innovations. With 10 years experience in European marketing, she successfully led the team achieving Organic Certification for SIP and managed the introduction of our new product designs. She is currently integrating new products into the Swazi Secrets range and working on Fair Trade certification of our products.

Stefanie Pearce
Jabu Mkhonta - Assistant Procurement Officer

Jabu is part of the Member Services team, buying raw materials from the rural women, but also assisting in organic training, setting up Member Groups and supporting the self help groups. Jabu has been with SIP since the factory opened, having started as a Production Assistant.

Jabu Mkhonta
Sifiso Dlamini - Stock Controller and Despatch Supervisor

Sifiso is another original staff member, having joined as an oil presser when the factory opened. Since then, Sifiso has taken on responsibility for stock management and preparing orders for despatch.

Sifiso Dlamini
Mduduzi Matsenjwa - Production Assistant

Mduduzi first joined the company in 2007 as a seasonal presser, he was then permanently appointed as a production assistant in 2010,he is the expect in soap making.

Mduduzi Matsenjwa
Patricia Tsabedze - Production Assistant

Patricia joined the Swazi Secrets team as a cleaner in 2010 and progressed quickly to join our Production team. Visitors to the factory are likely to meet Patricia as she is always keen to show them around and relate the Swazi Secrets Story.

Patricia Tsabedze
Lungile Dlamini - Production Assistant

Lungile first worked at SIP as a temporary assistant pulping marula fruit for sweet production. When the season finished, she joined the permanent staff to assist in Production.

Lungile Dlamini
Phetsile Ndlovu - Production Assistant

Phetsile used to crack and supply marula kernels to the factory then added the responsibility of being organic representative for her home area of Malindza. She now works as a full time staff member, making the range of marula cosmetics.

Phetsile Ndlovu
Sikhumbuso Matsebula - Site Maintenance

Outside, Sikhumbuso Matsebula takes great pride in developing the grounds as a showpiece for indigenous trees, as well as undertaking maintenance tasks around the Factory.

Sikhumbuso Matsebula
The Wider Team

Developing a new logo, corporate and packaging design has involved a wide range of suppliers and services. We would like to pay tribute to many of those (both new to us and those we have worked with for a long time) who have gone that extra mile to help Swazi Secrets succeed and shown a great commitment to the work that we are doing with rural Swazi women.

Aleta Armstrong has been the artistic dynamo behind the whole package, not only providing the concepts and designs but working tirelessly to capture the essence of a truly natural Swazi product.

Kate Braun (www.kbraunweb.com) has taken on the development of this website as if it were her own and continues to help us in continually improving it. She also worked with Aleta to take the designs from art to label.

John Knowlton of Cosmetic Solutions has provided leading edge natural cosmetic formulation services at prices we could afford while John Hopkins of Innovant Research in the UK has played the same role in conducting safety assessments on the products.

Barry Skjoldhammer and his team at Labelpak have spent hours with us, way beyond normal commercial considerations, in making sure that our labelling was exactly what we needed. Shaun Olwage at Castle Graphics was wonderfully enthusiastic in helping us to get our soap boxes right, while Jan Marais at JFM Consulting also went to great lengths to ensure that his labelling machine would be exactly right for what we needed. Andries and his team at Ingenior helped us greatly by designing a tube sealing machine specific to our needs.

Meanwhile, Tom McMurtrie has taken to heart the issue of designing a low cost marula nut cracker to help our rural suppliers meet the challenge of competing with factory cracking. His design and prototypes, supplied free of charge, are now in production for use during the 2010 season.

Ruth Buck of the Foresters Arms and Patrick Ward of the Mountain Inn have long been not only great customers for our hotel products but also excellent ambassadors as they enthuse their guests from around the world about Swazi Secrets.

None of it would have been possible without the continuing generous support of our two main donors, the WK Kellogg Foundation and the United Nations Development Programme. We are well on our way to giving them the best return of all - seeing SIP progress to the point of financial independence.

Finally, the other 2,600 members of our wider team certainly do not have websites to link to :C they are the unsung heroes who do the hard work of harvesting and cracking the nuts, without whom there would be no Swazi Secrets.

Swazi Indigenous Products
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